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Zygoat makes great software for Mac and iOS.


Tradesy (Mac) is a multi-purpose financial tool for managing your trading: watching stocks, tracking your portfolios, calculating capital gains, and more. Tradesy began development in 2021 and became available for public testing in 2023.

Hot Launch

Hot Launch (Mac) is a quick hotkey app switcher. Assign shortcut keys to your favourite apps and move between them with ease. Configuration is synced across all your Macs via iCloud. Hot Launch debuted in 2020.


Doggiebox (Mac) is a versatile and easy-to-use percussion sequencer for hobbyists and pro musicians alike. Create realistic drum tracks with Doggiebox in minutes for recording, rehearsal, or even live performance. Doggiebox was first released in 2002.

First Assistant

First Asssistant (Mac) is a multi-purpose data management utility for film and video professionals, designed to aid offline editors and assistant editors in the production and post-production workflow. First Assistant debuted in August 2012.