A personal finance app for Mac

Tradesy is a multi-purpose financial tool (currently in development) for managing your trading: watching stocks, tracking your portfolios, calculating capital gains, and more.

Download the latest build (4.6 MB, 28 Jul 2023).


Please visit the Tradesy wiki for current documentation and the most recent status, as well as project background, philosophy, goals, and future aspirations. (As development progresses, the wiki will be faster and easier to keep updated than this page.)

Mailing list

I have created a mailing list by which to announce progress and new updates, as well as related discussion. I invite you to join, either via the web or by sending a blank e-mail. (Should you wish to unsubscribe, you can do so any time—no hard feelings.)


I'm grateful for feedback and ideas from people of all stripes—seasoned traders, investment newbies, and anyone with an interest in personal finance. Please feel welcome to e-mail me directly, or post to the mailing list.

Thanks for visiting!