First Assistant

A post-production utility for the Mac


First Assistant is a multi-purpose data management utility for film and video professionals, designed to aid offline editors and assistant editors in the production and post-production workflow.

Its features include:

First Assistant provides two primary document types:

An Editor's Notes document is like a spreadsheet specifically tailored for the needs of an editor or assistant editor. It eases the management of assets and clips in a film or video project for the purposes of creating ADR or VFX lists, stock footage or music cue sheets, and notes for the online editor or colourist.

A Scene Timings document is another type of spreadsheet designed for tabulating page counts and correlating estimated and actual scene durations. It can help a script supervisor to prepare estimates in pre-production, or an assistant editor to report dailies assembly timings during production.

In addition, First Assistant provides stand-alone timecode calculator and conversion tool that's always at the ready.

Examples for both Editor's Notes and Scene Timings are accessible in the Help → Open Example Document menu.