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Mac, iOS & Web Software Development

Zygoat has experience designing and building both in-house and custom contract software applications, and has been doing so since the dawn of this millennium.

Mac OS X

Proficiency in Objective-C (Cocoa) for Apple Mac OS X application development. Experience with Mac OS X and Cocoa development (since 2001).

Examples of original work include Doggiebox, First Assistant, RecordMeNow (Mac version).


Proficiency in Objective-C (Cocoa Touch) for Appe iOS (iPhone, iPad) application development (since 2009).

Examples of original work include Log-i-Cal, BoozeHound, CRNE Prep Quiz.


Experience with PHP, Perl, and related languages and tools for web application development and general Linux-based system administration and maintenance (since 1999). Familiarity with design and functioning of standard internet protocol suite (SMTP, IMAP, POP, HTTP, FTP, SSH, etc.). Specific experience with configuration and maintenance of Apache, MySQL, Courier SMTP.

Examples of original work include Zygoat client tools, all back-end systems related to Zygoat software registration. Most significant client work has been for internal systems (not demonstrable to the public).